The Sator Table is a Saturnian working focusing on feasting and communing with the spirits and persons that dwell within the land. Sator means “The Sower,” a title for the Roman Saturn. Saturn’s Chthonic self, as Master and world indweller, is the chief attribute through which he reaches out to mortals, teaches sorcery, and “knows” us.

At the center of the Sator Table is a six-pointed “mawkin,” from the etymological root of the Scots word maukin, meaning “hare” or “simpleton.” Usually the five-pointed mawkin is used to represent human presence, so for addressing the indwelling powers, a six-pointed one is preferred. This is because six represents the Unseen, spirits and their amorousness; here represented by the sixth line of the mawkin, symbolizing the phallic, earthy, goat-like, chthonic local powers. In this way, the Venusian six is a friendly invitation to the table. Surrounding this are three sickles, representing Saturn.

The goal of the Sator Table, aside from feeding the earth and local land wights, is that these spirits will visit us in dreams or during visionary states to impart their wisdom and cunning. Each group of entities is distinctive, and has a unique body of knowledge specific to them. We must always seek communion with these powers; to gain their friendship, and to understand them and their desires.