More clarification of the Holy Guardian Angel concept…


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Because this concept is truly an initiatory hallmark and one that seems is so GREATLY misunderstood by budding adepts and Thelemites (it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand in terms of the mind), I thought that after Peter Carroll’s great quote I would share other writings that succinctly POINT toward the correct place of the Holy Guardian Angel concept. This is taken from Israel Regardie’s brief but amazing Ceremonial Magic and he actually quotes another Golden Dawn manuscript in this quote but here it is:

“In a Golden Dawn manuscript entitled “The Microcosm,” the Holy Guardian Angel or the Genius is lengthily but adequately defined in Qabalistic terms as follows:

‘The spiritual consciousness (Daath) is the focus of the action of the Neschamah. The spiritual consciousness is, in its turn, the Throne or Vehicle of the Life of the Spirit which is Chiah; and these combined form the Chariot of that Higher Will which is in Kether. Also it is the peculiar faculty of Neschamah to aspire to that which is beyond. The Higher Will manifests itself through Yechidah… The Shining Flame of the Divine Fire, the Kether of the Body, is the Real Self of the Incarnation… This Yechidah is the only part of man which can truly say EHEIEH, I am. (emph. add.) This is then but the Kether of the Assiah of the Microcosm, that is, it is the highest part of man as Man… Behind Yechidah are Angelic and Archangelic Forces of which Yechidah is the manifestor. It is therefore the Lower Genius or Viceroy of the Higher Genius which is beyond, an Angel Mighty and Terrible. This Great Angel is the Higher Genius, beyond which are the Archangelic and Divine.’

Though Crowley constantly shifted emphasis of meaning relative to the Holy Guardian Angel, it should be noted that throughout his commentary to The Book of the Law, there is no equivocation whatsoever. The Higher Self IS the Holy Guardian Angel – and that is that. No ambiguity is there, no straining of interpretation. It is a clear statement of fact.”

Now to unpack that a little. For those who would call themselves Thelemites yet the Qabalistic terms above are unclear, I’m going to get on the high horse I so often ride on and remind you to bone up on your Qabalah (not that I’m any kind of SUPER genius ;P). But what I feel is a most important distinction and often the greatest misunderstanding concerning the TRUE WILL and HGA is that in one’s initiatory career, the HGA does NOT appear before you and TELL you in words that your TRUE WILL is to go live your dream of being a rockstar or super important magus (or myriad other bloated self images) that your ego always reminds you that you are (if only the rest of the world could catch up to YOU), but that rather the realization of the Higher Will that manifests itself through Yechidah, OR Holy Guardian Angel, is the process by which the Ego is stripped away until a realization of TRUE SELF is reached in SILENCE and thereby the place of one’s Will is KNOWN in Harmony with the Greater Will of the Universal I AM that is the Higher Will. Once this is realized, an adept can, in Love, maneuver within the True Higher Will in perfect Harmony. This realization of True Will does not necessarily mean that all of one’s egoic dreams of grandeur will be realized or that the person YOU (the ego) always felt it SHOULD be will be realized, but it also doesn’t mean it will not. Rather, the adept will understand, beyond thought, his place within the greater scheme and thereby be at peace, free to harmoniously express his Will from the eternal Love that is the True Higher Will of the ever-present I am, the True Self.

Silence your mind. Begin by observing the way the voice in your head speaks to itself: if you immediately say ‘there isn’t a voice’, THAT IS the voice. Doing this will begin to align you with the observing consciousness of the ever-present I am which abideth in Silence. As you observe this voice, this thought, ask yourself “From whence does this thought arise?” or “Who is having this thought?” and a small gap of Silence will arise before another thought springs to your mind. In your meditation, work on extending those Silent moments by this process. Your mind is not who you are. You are the Silent, observing PRESENCE that the mind speaks to, the eternal I AM. You are not your memories; they are simply illusions perpetuated by your mind creating a false sense of self and separation from others. You are not the story of your life you THINK you are, you are simply the presence that is always right here, right now. If you are thinking, you aren’t there. When you are still, you simply ARE. Be Still. Your mind (thoughts) is simply a tool, what it tells you is not the truth, the only truth there is abideth in the Silence of the ever-present I am.

Do this and you will surely experience the spiritual ecstasy that some have called the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel but it will never be the way you had THOUGHT it would be.

Love is the Law, love under will.

-Frater Silentium Viresque 215, 12/27/14