A bit of magical working I have been exploring into is the use of Planetary magic squares. Specifically, with the intent of focusing my attention and aligning my Will to my desire. 

I have been experimenting with a few different methods of doing so. More recently, I’ve incorporating using the SATOR square with the Planetary magic square of Mars. 

Mars is associated with desire, action, and energy. The passion we need to get up and about throughout the day to get things done. It also so happens to be the associated planet for my zodiac sign. 

I have plans on creating a physical double sided square. One side with the SATOR and the other with Mars. 

With the wand (preferably of Oak or Black Thorn) or magical knife, point to each number and speak aloud: SATOR, then AREPO, then TENET, then OPERA, then ROTAS. 

Excited to explore more into this.