A Metaphysical Map of Consciousness/Reality.

In this Integral Mandala we see the four ontoclines or gradations of Reality, as the four arms of the Mandala. Each of these correspond in a generic way to one of the primary parameters of Consciousness and Reality. These four themselves come from a Center, representing the Divine or Supreme or Absolute Reality, and this Center is itself made up of four as well as three levels.The four ontoclines are as follows:

Left – Self and Non-Self from True Self / “I” to Non-Self / “This” / Phenomena (and vice versa) – representing the Monadology (or pluratity and unity) of Selves. This pertains to the Nature of the Knowing Self (especially as elaborated in Eastern Philosophy). With Liberation (moksha, Enlightenment) in one realises one already is the Absolute (Atman-Brahman).

Bottom – The “Vertical” Physical-Spiritual Axis – from Transcendent Spiritual Mind down to Physical Matter (and vice-versa) – representing the Hierarchy (Great Chain of Being) of Octaves of Existence. This “Vertical” Axis or Planes of Existence (in which one ascends to the Absolute) corresponds to the various subtle and gross Universes and ocatves as described through Esotericism and Occultism with their understanding of the Nature of gross and subtle Realities, and to the ascent of Consciousness through levels of Existence.

Right – The “Horizontal” Inner-Outer Axis represents the contrast between the Innermost (Inner Light, Divine Soul) and Outermost (most external) Being – representing the Psychological Polarity of Being. The “Horizontal” Inner-Outer Axis corresponds to Psychology and Mysticism which addresses the depths of the being, and also on a more superficial level to the Arts with its dicotomy of Mythos and Logos, Imagination and Reason, and to depth and transpersonal psychology.

Top – The Universal-Individual-Atomistic Axis – From Universal Whole to “Atomistic” “Point” (and vice versa) constitutes the Holarchic arrangement of Systems. This “Concentric” Universal-Individual Axis corresponds, on the physical level, to Science especially the systems sciences and natural and applied sciences, also the social sciences in part. On the supraphysical it becomes the domain of Esotericism, but the basic principles of interaction, ecology, system dynamics, chaos theory, and so on. The overall Reality is the (esoteric) science of Cosmecology, which includes the experiential approach of Astrognosis.

All the ontoclines together represent the Spiritual Path; not literalist or exoteric religion, but Yoga, Sadhana, and Esoteric (Mystical) Religion; the Essense of Self-Transformation.