The Intersection of Art and Science.

Science and Art probe Reality for different Truths. They may examine the same exact phenomena we encounter as sentient beings, however, by different methods and questions. Both are Ultimate Manifestations of Consciousness and both require and inspire Creativity. Assigning rank or capability is possible only when enforcing specific situations and even then that would be based on the individuals background and biases, therefore rendering it no longer ‘Absolute’ on the grand scheme of things.

Of the many human disciplines, there are few that could seem more divergent than Art and Science. The artist employs image and metaphor; the scientist uses number and equation. Art creates illusions meant to evoke emotion, while science engages in the pursuit of empirical verification. There is, to some degree, a physiological cause for this apparent divergence: the two halves, or hemispheres, of the brain. The right side of the brain is responsible for emotions and intuition, the left for logic and reason. Yet the notion of two brains gives rise to the function of one Mind. Perhaps it is this one “Undivided Mind” that presents a way forward through the monumental cultural changes we now face, enabling us to surf this dynamic moment in history from a platform of Balance and Symmetry.

Neil deGrasse Tyson also discussed the possibility for Universal Truths within the Realms of Science and Art. He notes that one of the definitive differences is that with Science, the same answer should be uncovered regardless of the observer in pursuit. Art, however, produces answers completely unique to the observer. This intellectual collision of seemingly disparate bedfellows, that something magical and unexpected happens: new patterns emerge; new connections are forged between previously unconnected ideas and inspiration reigns. The main difference between Science and the Arts is not that they are different sides of the same coin, even different parts of the same Continuum, but rather, they are Manifestations of the same thing. The Arts and Sciences are Avatars of Human Creativity.