The 4 categories of magick: Pyrosophic, Geosophic, Hydrosophic, and Aerosophic



This is my paradigm for understanding and for categorizing Magick especially when pertaining to learning the practices, and understandings of it. This paradigm of categorization is inspired by the 4 classical elemental system, and is also inspired by the layout of the Temple of Witchcraft series by Christopher Penczak. This is a system of not only categorizing magic into four separate distinct categories that will be based off of the attributes of the magickal practice, but is also a learner’s guide for the general understanding of magick, and the occult.This understanding was first written about in my post on beginning your magickal journey, but will now be extrapolated on more in-depth here in order to flush out the paradigm, and to see more of what it covers. This entire post will pretty much be my personal understanding surrounding the categorization of magick as a whole.

The four categories of magick:

Pyrosophic, geosophic, hydrosophic, and aerosophic are the four names for the four categories of magick in the paradigm. The order in which that I believe they should be learned from my experience is pyrosophic, geosophic, hydrosophic, and then aerosophic. This is primarily, because I feel like the one that precedes always will flow nice, and evenly into the other. Always allowing a good jumping-off point, and a way of using what you learned in the previous category to advance what you are learning in the present one.


Pyrosophic is associated to the element of fire, and the sun. Pyrosophic forms of magick, and understanding are fundamental, and active. They are sources that emanate outwards, and act as axioms, and supports for other knowledge, and practices. They are simple, but effective, and are the first things I believe a practitioner should know when they are starting out learning magick. Pyrosophic is very knowledge-based, and energetically based, and it is the foundation that we build upon all other knowledge. It is the first emanation of any particular knowledge, before it incorporates any other advanced features. It contains a lot of beginner information, and energy work.

Some pyrosophic practices, and understandings:

  • Journals (book of shadows, dream journal, book of shadows, book of mirrors)
  • Types of practitioners
  • Different magical and spiritual traditions
  • Categories of magick
  • Authentic thaumaturgy: the laws of magick
  • The Law Of Contiguity
  • The Law Of Continuous Association
  • The Law Of Contrast
  • The Law Of Least Resistance
  • The elements (fire, earth, water, air, spirit)
  • Understanding liminality
  • Understanding UPE, USPE, CE, UPG, USPG, CG, VPG, and Lore
  • Hermetic principles of the kybalion
  • Theurgy and Thaumaturgy
  • Magic Vs. Magick
  • Theories on how magick works
  • Planes of existence
  • Dimensions
  • The subtle bodies
  • (Masculine and feminine energy), and (yin and yang)
  • Magickal names
  • Understanding spiritual energy (chi, ki, Mana, PSI,)
  • Understanding magickal intention
  • Energetics system
  • Visualization
  • The Law Of Attraction
  • Centering
  • Grounding
  • Affirmations
  • Ki breathing
  • Psychic bubble of Light
  • Power hand, and receptive hand
  • Charging, and opening the energy centers in the hands
  • Energy Ball / Ki Ball / Psi Ball
  • Programming spiritual energy
  • Pushing, And Pulling Energy
  • Absorbing Energy
  • Seeing auras
  • Seeingenergy in the air
  • Energetic cleansing
  • Spiritual Energy Scanning
  • Telepathy
  • Energetic Blockages
  • Energetic Overflow
  • Energetic Burnout
  • Energetic processes
  • The kinesis
  • The Soul Star, and The Earth Star
  • Reiki level 1


Geosophic is associated to the element of earth, and the planet mars. Geosophic are things that are a little bit more complicated, and work off the understandings that are figured out in pyrosophic. It takes the fundamental understandings, and gives you tools in order to advance what you already have. Geosophic builds upon the foundation that was solidified by pyrosophic, and makes it a little bit more complicated bringing in object, symbols, and correspondences to work with. A lot of forms of folk magic and thaumaturgy are going to be here in this category, because of its incorporation of tools, and symbols to manifest it’s desires

Some geosophic practices, and understandings:

  • Magickal tools
  • Crystal magick, and crystal correspondences
  • Herbs magick, herbalism, and herbs correspondences
  • Candle magick
  • Nature cycles, and lunar phases
  • Astrology
  • Color magick, and color magick correspondences
  • Taglocks, and magickal Links
  • Invoking, and banishing the pentagram
  • Invoking, and banishing the spiral
  • Casting, and closing a circle
  • Setting up an altar
  • Divination
  • Sigilcraft
  • Making your own spells, and rituals
  • Curses
  • Creating a wand
  • Creating a staff
  • Enchanting Items
  • Hex Bags, And Mojo Bags
  • Witches bottle
  • Crystal Grids
  • Gem Elixirs
  • Emoji Spells
  • Alphabet of Desire
  • Alphabet Of Binding
  • Reiki level 2 and 3
  • Numerology
  • Weather Magick
  • Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
  • Greater ritual of the pentagram
  • Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram
  • Greater Ritual of the Hexagram
  • Gnostic pentagram ritual  


Hydrosophic is associated to the element of water, and to the moon. Hydrosophic focuses on internal knowledge through the acts of meditation, and altered states of consciousness. It allows you to learn more about yourself, and the inner workings of you through the practices, and understandings that it holds. This encompasses everything that takes place within, and that interacts with the inner being that is you.

Some hydrosophic practices, and understandings:

  • Focus meditation
  • Clearing your mind meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Journey meditation
  • Shape-Shifting meditation
  • Finding your Sacred Space
  • Dream work
  • Create an Astral Temple
  • Spirit guides
  • Thought-forms
  • Communicating with your higher self
  • Past life regression
  • Shadow work
  • Daemonism
  • Soulmates
  • Twinflames
  • Internal Alchemy


Aerosophic is associated to the element of air, and is connected to the planet mercury. Aerosophic encompasses understandings, and the practices of theurgy, and the higher knowledge of the universe, and source. It is focused on understanding the outer world beyond the practitioner. This encompasses everything that takes place without, and looks for the higher meaning in the whole of reality.

Some aerosophic

practices, and understandings:

  • Triangle of Art (Solomonic triangle, Triangle of Evocation)
  • Invoking, and evoking entities
  • Qabbalah
  • Working with the spirit of the land
  • Different types of spiritual entities
  • Deity work
  • Spiritual companionship
  • Astral travel
  • Astral projection
  • Spirit burrowing
  • Channeling
  • External Alchemy