Through the Tunnels of Set: Yamatu, Temphioth, Characith,…



Lately I do not write much about magick here. A few months ago I used to write on my ongoing work with the Tunnels of Set, but its been long since I’ve felt like it.

Its not that I’ve stopped or anything. On the opposite, I go on and each and every tunnel implies some strong inner or outer experience. Sometimes both. This magical work has run so deep it is really difficult to think what to write about. Also, everything gets just way too personal.

My whole life has become a dance with the tunnels. Each and every meaningful event coordinates with the tunnel I’m exploring, and as I approach a new one so does my life change to become the next lesson I am to learn.

I expected it to be difficult and demanding, but not this much. I’m not complaining, though. I like it. Also even though I’ve seen magick work a thousand times I still have this skeptical mind inside which sometimes thinks it is all coincidence. Then I open yet another tunnel and a new set of utterly relevant events emerge, crushing my skepticism.

I was cuddled by my HGA when exploring Raflifu and was shown it all as a lie with Qulielfi. My almost six year relationship ended as I was exploring Malkunofat, and Kali mercylessly cut from my life that which was hindering me. I was lost at endless possibilities in Lafcursiax, and concluded that magick was the only real thing left to guide me. A person I knew took her life the same day I opened Niantiel, the Tunnel of Death, thus teaching me the appropriate lesson in the clearest and most painful way. When trying to find the Hermit’s light amidst the darkness of Yamatu, I was taught by a person from the sempiternal A.·.A.·. on the meaning of the visions I had had through the tunnels and the events that had happened, from the perspective of Thelema and its maps on the path of Initiation. I understood the path I had already walked, and where I am headed to.

Recently I met a person who shouldn’t be alive by all medical standards but whose unnatural strength embodies that of Characith, and even though most probably our joint walk will end in tragedy, it is almost time to close Characith and open the Tunnel of Zamradiel, under the aegis of The Lovers. There are 7 paths left to explore, out of 22. I can’t believe I’ve already explored 15 paths. I can’t believe I’ve survived this ordeal thus far.

No matter what happens, be it suffering or be it ecstasy, I will not let myself be broken.