A Lesson on Sigils


High Magick: Sigils

There isn’t much about sigils that hasn’t already been said. A Google search can get you all the information about sigils, how and why they work. Even youtube can come up with some very vaild methods for creating them. Sigils happens to be, in my opinion, where many magickal practices begin and end. When I say end, I don’t mean that the practitioner stops magick altogether, what I mean is that sigils are so effective, that once one gets into the practice of making them, often times that’s all the magickal worker wants or needs in their arsenal. Sigils are one of the tried and true methods of spellcraft. However, as I will show you in other articles, there is a ton more to be obtained with the sigil process; sigils are in my opinion the strongest foundation for magickal work and the platform be which many other magickal processes can grow their roots, so it is important we begin here on our way up the high magick tower.

My method for sigils is slightly mutated and deviant of the traditional method. It is what works for me, do your own research to find out what works for you.

Step one: Write down your desire

Write down your desire. However write it down as if you already have said thing or are already receiving it soon. “I am feeling well” or “I have found happiness” or “I have met a new friend” are all good examples.

Step two: Dissect and minimize the words

Some people cross out all of the vowels, I don’t. However if crossing out the vowels works for you, feel free to do so. I instead cross out all the repeating letters, which is typically the next step if you were crossing out all of the vowels as well.

So if you have “I am feeling well”:

My Version looks like this:


The vowel-less version looks like this:


Step three:

Draw a wild image using only the left over letters you have. Some people write the letter as is, one on top of the other. Others dissect it and make it look as much like abstract art as possible. The goal is to make the symbol look nothing like your original intent.

My sigil ends up looking like this when I am done: