Human Design

The Human Design System channeled by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 was a breakthrough in knowledge that aimed at synthesizing ancient wisdom tools into a modern tool for self-knowledge. When Ra Uru Hu was given the information he was given the body graph and its channels and hexagram correspondences as well as the geometric and specifications for the body graph.

As Ra worked with the materials attempting to understand the knowledge associated with the structure he was given he came up with his own interpretation of the information. The evolution of Human Design was critical in bringing new knowledge of how the systems it included in the body graph could be synthesized. However, Ra was a messenger not a theoretician or a social scientist and he knew that he needed more scientific knowledge to make the information he was given longevity.


The Four Worlds

Ancient Wisdom teaches that we live in a multidimensional universe and function in four worlds accessible to our consciousness as well as other dimensional realities that are beyond the veil of general awareness.

In recent times, more people are talking about and recognizing that consciousness is not limited to the waking world and that many individuals function in dimensions of time and space that cannot be easily quantified.

As a clinical psychologist, I have worked with dreams and other dimensional awareness throughout my practice and have documented the worlds in the Beyond Human Design Charts statistically as well as clinically.

In short, there are many layers of functioning, but those who only believe in the physical and personality expressions of being are limited and missing out on learning from the other realities they’re actually operating in unconsciously.




1 ) Orphic egg

Engraving from the 1682 collected works of Jacob Boehme 

3) Ra (see also Ogdoad)

4) Druid egg

5) The World card, Major Arcana XXI in Tarot

6) Phanes / Protogonos, basically also Aion/Aeon

7) artist´s interpretation of the Major arcana XXI, sometimes named as The Universe

8) Shiva lingam (notice the sigil´s relation to animations below)

9) Probably germanic (but for sure Nordic) runes

10) Neo-hellenic deepweb comparison of some ancient symbols

11) unknown

12) Mysterious 2 meters long sculpture found in Portugal

13) Omphalos

14) Palace complex Forbidden city in central Beijing

15) Dogon (Amma´s) cosmic egg

16) Mithra

17) William Blake

Hindu cosmological myth

(with something that later on globally developed into pan-esoteric symbol of Ouroboros); see also Lo-shu.

Below is a graphic interpretation of the picture from Fermi gamma-ray space telescope, while diagrams were added to it by unknown researcher, then crop circles showing a toroidal structures, and finally some animations of “the dance of Ouroboros“.



Capricorn Neptune – House X

~”Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than with the imagination being awake?

in the discovery of unknown territories, human soul included. Able to
read the subconscious like a book; they like to think things over.
Aspiring control, power, fame, success. When sad, they shut others away
and get melancholic and deceiving. Refined and artistic; highly

[Feminine  EarthCardinal] Sign || [Saturn] Dominant


Tarot & Astrology: The Major Arcana

0 – The Fool – Uranus – Card of Air
1 – The Magician – Mercury
2 – The High Priestess – The Moon
3 – The Empress – Venus
4 – The Emperor – Aries
5 – The Hierophant – Taurus
6 – The Lovers – Gemini
7 – The Chariot – Cancer
8 – Strength – Leo
9 – The Hermit – Virgo
10 – Wheel of Fortune – Jupiter
11 – Justice – Libra
12 – The Hanged Man – Neptune – Card of Water
13 – Death – Scorpio
14 – Temperance – Sagittarius
15 – The Devil – Capricorn
16 – The Tower – Mars
17 – The Star – Aquarius
18 – The Moon – Pisces
19 – The Sun – The Sun
20 – Judgement – Pluto – Card of Fire
21 – The World – Saturn – Card of Earth

The Minor Arcana also has astrological correspondences, but that’s for another post. 

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Astrology in the Major Arcana

The late Occultist Oswald Wirth was known mostly for his renowned work revolving around Tarotology. In 1989 he created, under the guidance of de Guaita, a cartomantic Tarot consisting only of the twenty-two Major Arcana. Known as the Arcanes du Tarot kabbalistique, it followed the designs of the Tarot de Marseille closely but introduced several alterations, incorporating extant occult symbolism into the cards. The Wirth/de Guaita deck is significant in the history of the occult tarot for being the first in a long line of occult, cartomantic, and initiatory decks. He had also created an entire list, consisting of the correlations between the twenty two cards of the Major Arcana and Astrology.

Constellations~Major Arcana

Orion~The Magician

Cassiopeia~High Priestess 


Hercules, Lyra and Boreal Crown~Emperor


The Eagle and Sagittarius~Lovers

Ursa Major~Chariot


Ox-Driver (More commonly known as ?Bootes?)~Hermit

Capricornus and Sirius~Wheel of Fortune

Leo and Virgo~ Strength

Perseus~Hanged Man

Dragon of the Pole (More commonly known as Draco)~Death


Goat and Coachman~Devil

Scorpio, Ophiuchus~Tower

Andromeda and Pisces~Star

Cancer, Sirius and Procion~Moon



Ursa Minor and Polaris~Universe



A Divination for Gaia

Divin-ation can be used as a way of receiving messages from the divine (ourselves in a higher dimensional space).

Here we use a “Tarot Tree Spread” to get a reading of the state of the system for our planet, Gaia. We use only the Major Arcana from a tarot deck, shuffle them and assign them to the spheres on the Tree of Life, from bottom to top.

For this reading two different decks were used, the Rider-Waite (RW) and the Crowley-Thoth (CT). The reading was done on December 16th 2015, with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius.

The cards that were dealt and assigned to each sphere are listed as follows, with the Rider-Waite card given first:

  1. Earth: World, Tower.
  2. Moon: Magician, Art.
  3. Mercury: Death, Wheel of Fortune.
  4. Venus: Star, Star.
  5. Sun: Justice, Emperor.
  6. Mars: Strength, Fool.
  7. Jupiter: Devil, Empress.
  8. Daath: Fool, Lust (Strength).
  9. Saturn: Hierophant, Hermit.
  10. Neptune: Temperance, Hanged Man.
  11. Pluto: Wheel of Fortune, Chariot.