Human Design

The Human Design System channeled by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 was a breakthrough in knowledge that aimed at synthesizing ancient wisdom tools into a modern tool for self-knowledge. When Ra Uru Hu was given the information he was given the body graph and its channels and hexagram correspondences as well as the geometric and specifications for the body graph.

As Ra worked with the materials attempting to understand the knowledge associated with the structure he was given he came up with his own interpretation of the information. The evolution of Human Design was critical in bringing new knowledge of how the systems it included in the body graph could be synthesized. However, Ra was a messenger not a theoretician or a social scientist and he knew that he needed more scientific knowledge to make the information he was given longevity.


The Four Worlds

Ancient Wisdom teaches that we live in a multidimensional universe and function in four worlds accessible to our consciousness as well as other dimensional realities that are beyond the veil of general awareness.

In recent times, more people are talking about and recognizing that consciousness is not limited to the waking world and that many individuals function in dimensions of time and space that cannot be easily quantified.

As a clinical psychologist, I have worked with dreams and other dimensional awareness throughout my practice and have documented the worlds in the Beyond Human Design Charts statistically as well as clinically.

In short, there are many layers of functioning, but those who only believe in the physical and personality expressions of being are limited and missing out on learning from the other realities they’re actually operating in unconsciously.


13 Full Moon Calendar: Key to synchronized Universe


The 13 Moon calendar is not what it appears. It is a coded synchronization matrix that enters us into an
alternate universe to prepare our minds for entry into galactic

The 13 Moon/28-day count is not an earth-based system but a gift from
the Galactic Maya that serves as a type of dimensional doorway to
reorient the human mind to fourth-dimensional time.

It is only in the guise of a “calendar” as a mercy and a familiar
bridge for the people of Earth. It is actually a galactic template, a
Sirian template, that enters us into the vast realm of the synchronic
order.  But it is not really something that can be talked about as it
has to be experienced.

The daily affirmations are mathematically coded fourth-dimensional
radiograms that open your mind to new potentialities. Like a Zen koan,
they are meant to bypass your conceptual mind and tune you into
higher-dimensional frequencies.

By learning our galactic signature,
we start thinking archetypally of our role within the collective,
rather than individually of the personal. Our galactic signature is our
password to the fourth dimension; it helps us to identify with the
larger story playing out in an objective way where our role is magical
and creative.

13 Moons as a Template of Peace

The 13 Moon calendar is a calendar of peace; peace that transcends
dogma. This is the whole point of it. It is based on the underlying mathematics of the Mayan calendar, based on the numbers: 4, 7, 13, 20, 52, 91, 260.


Mathematics are universal and far more creative than they have been
given credit for.  Mathematics, inclusive of sacred geometries, define a
form that unlocks imaginal structures.

We live in an infinitely magical universe–not a close-ended linear
system where the only knowledge that exists was revealed thousands of
years ago. The universe is ever changing and creating itself anew. It is
happening now – as you read these words.

All the messengers, sages and galactic masters are here with us Now
to guide us through this shift of time. Past, future and present are
one. We live in a radial matrix of simultaneity that can be accessed
daily through the codes of the synchronic order via the 13 Moon

13 Moon/28 days as Synchronization Template

The 13 Moon/28-day system embraces and synchronizes all true
calendrical and mathematical systems, from lunar calendars, to the Mayan
long count, to the Elder Futhark runes, to the I Ching hexagrams. In
other words this system reveals a master matrix, which contains all
other systems.

Keeping in mind also that the Maya used up to 17 calendars at once
because their perception of time was not linear, but based on
synchronization. The more cycles and systems you can track at once, the
more you can observe synchronic overlays.


13 Moons as a Sirian Timing Program

As a solar-galactic calendar with a July 26 synchronization date
based on the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, the 13 Moon Dreamspell
calendar is ultimately a Sirian timing program. (See graphic below: New Sirius Cycle).

In this way, the 13 Moon calendar and tools of the Law of Time are
intended to entrain our third-dimensional being into fourth- and
fifth-dimensional Sirian wisdom, or the realization of the supermental

By placing itself in the measure of the 13 Moon/28-day
synchronometer and its precise 52-year/orbital ring cycles, the human is
synchronized to the Sirius double universe star cycle, lifting it into a
truly galactic-cosmic consciousness and order of reality. —Valum Votan

More on the Sirius code

This Sirian program is further unfolded in the various
fourth-dimensional tools such as Telektonon, 20 Tablets, 7:7::7:7 —
leading to the ultimate program of the Synchronotron 441 cube matrix system.

The 13 Moon calendar is also the key to enter the Cosmic History Chronicles. This
seven volume series lays out an entirely new galactic knowledge base so
that we can systematically begin to experience galactic/cosmic states
of consciousness in preparation for advanced telepathic technologies
including time travel and teleportation.

It is our duty to become multidimensional beings. The 13 Moon
calendar (synchronometer) is the key that opens the multidimensional