you can have done all the research
you can have planned everything out
you can have the best ingredients
you can have done the perfect blessing
you can know the spell off by heart

well… things are gonna get fucked up 

SO! Before casting anything – PAUSE to clear your mind, concentrate and FRAME your intent, then WORK your magic!


Fundamental parts of magick


All forms of magick need 3 fundamental things in order to work. These three things are intent, will, and action. These basic understandings will allow you to manifest your desire into existence in a basic fundamental way.


Intent is what you want to bring forth through your manifestation. This is your goal, and what you want to accomplish. This understanding is brought into magickal workings in order to be used as a focal point in order to target your desire, and to set forth your will upon it through your actions. This intention can be pretty much anything that can be achieved through magickal manifestation, and it will usually be meticulously crafted in order to focus on a specific outcome over others. This intention will be expressed mentally, or out loud during the magickal working, so that you will be able to focus upon it, and move towards it. Your intention must be very clear, so that you are able to allow your will to fly true. Remember that your intention is only the foundation of magickal practice and it is not the only thing that is needed.


Your will is the power that pushes you towards your intention. It is the fuel and the energy that allows your magick to move forward into manifestation. Your will be charged, focused and brought forth through many different means, and will be released in order to manifest your desires. In magickal working this can be brought through your own personal power, or the power of another entity, or construct. Such as spirits, and deities that you have called forth, or construct such as crystals, herbs, and other objects that have metaphysical properties that are in line with your intention. All of this builds up your will towards your desire, so that it will be able to be released through your action.


The action is the final step that releases your will, so that it will be able to go out in order to manifest your intention. this is the ritual, or working itself, and is the crescendo in point of realization between your will, and intention that leads to manifestation. It is the first action which brings forth the movement of the magick, and allows your will to start doing when it needs to in order to bring for it your intention. This act can be pretty much anything as long as it signifies your will to start working in the world.