French translator and publisher of Aleister Crowley, Collagist, Poet and Photographer, Philippe Pissier is one of the most talented artists living in France. As a joke or as a ritual his art reveals alchemical connections between comic books and magick. His own creative insight is delicate and shy, beyond all knowledge or understanding. In other words, his art seeks to express simplicity among cacophony. – See more at: http://www.leatherarchives.org/collections/art/pissier/pissier.htm#sthash.mzMe5kOR.dpuf



You in a past life, creating Art to re-create your thought-form within the person looking at this Image.

“The key to understanding the idea of
reincarnation and past lives is that you were everybody. Of course,
that’s who you are, “Here Comes Everybody”,
you know you weren’t just that shepherd girl or that Roman emperor or
that Greek philosopher, you’re everybody, and you can find your way
into the great genetic telephone system and ring anybody’s bell in

Well then it would be absurd to claim you were that person,
that would be as absurd as claiming that anybody you could call on the
telephone is who you are.

No, it’s that we are everyone, and you know
the great turning object in hyperspace, that is the genetic ….
trans-dimensional object, casts off glinting reflections of this
personality, that personality … we are all drawn of the same
stuff” – Terence McKenna.

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