1 ) Orphic egg

Engraving from the 1682 collected works of Jacob Boehme 

3) Ra (see also Ogdoad)

4) Druid egg

5) The World card, Major Arcana XXI in Tarot

6) Phanes / Protogonos, basically also Aion/Aeon

7) artist´s interpretation of the Major arcana XXI, sometimes named as The Universe

8) Shiva lingam (notice the sigil´s relation to animations below)

9) Probably germanic (but for sure Nordic) runes

10) Neo-hellenic deepweb comparison of some ancient symbols

11) unknown

12) Mysterious 2 meters long sculpture found in Portugal

13) Omphalos

14) Palace complex Forbidden city in central Beijing

15) Dogon (Amma´s) cosmic egg

16) Mithra

17) William Blake

Hindu cosmological myth

(with something that later on globally developed into pan-esoteric symbol of Ouroboros); see also Lo-shu.

Below is a graphic interpretation of the picture from Fermi gamma-ray space telescope, while diagrams were added to it by unknown researcher, then crop circles showing a toroidal structures, and finally some animations of “the dance of Ouroboros“.



The Chaos star is a spoked device with eight equidistant arrows radiating from a central point. It was originally devised by the fantasy author Michael Moorcock as a symbol of chaos (infinite possibility), and has been adopted as a symbol of Chaos Magick. Its current rounded shape was devised by occult author and chaos magician Peter Carroll.

“The Chaosphere is the prime radiant or magic lamp of the adept – a psychic singularity which emitteth the brilliant darkness.It is a purposely created crack in the fabric of reality through which the stuff of chaos enters our dimension. Alternatively, it may be considered as a demonstration of the axiom that belief has the power to structure reality.” – Liber Null & Psychonaut


The Trans-Saturnian 3 (Part 3)

The two symbols presented here represent the planet Pluto which was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh.

The planet is named after a Greek god named Pluto, who was the ruler of the underworld. ■
Again, notice the three ingredients for a planetary symbol: the elemental cross: the lunar crescent: and the solar circle.

The second symbol for Pluto is simply the first two letters of Pluto (PL) merged into one.

Again, the trans-Saturnian 3 are new discoveries that don’t fit perfectly into astrology, alchemy or Kabbalah. Though some attribute pluto to Kether, the highest sphere on the tree of life synonymous with god and the beginning of the universe.

It’s interesting that Pluto, a god of the underworld, was the name given to the last “planet” in our solar system as it sits on the edge between the light of the sun and the black abyss of space.

I was tempted to delve into the mythologies of the trans-Saturnian gods, however that is out of the scope of decoding symbols and would require an entire book!

Thanks for reading.
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