Capricorn Neptune – House X

~”Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than with the imagination being awake?

in the discovery of unknown territories, human soul included. Able to
read the subconscious like a book; they like to think things over.
Aspiring control, power, fame, success. When sad, they shut others away
and get melancholic and deceiving. Refined and artistic; highly

[Feminine  EarthCardinal] Sign || [Saturn] Dominant



Tarot & Astrology: The Major Arcana

0 – The Fool – Uranus – Card of Air
1 – The Magician – Mercury
2 – The High Priestess – The Moon
3 – The Empress – Venus
4 – The Emperor – Aries
5 – The Hierophant – Taurus
6 – The Lovers – Gemini
7 – The Chariot – Cancer
8 – Strength – Leo
9 – The Hermit – Virgo
10 – Wheel of Fortune – Jupiter
11 – Justice – Libra
12 – The Hanged Man – Neptune – Card of Water
13 – Death – Scorpio
14 – Temperance – Sagittarius
15 – The Devil – Capricorn
16 – The Tower – Mars
17 – The Star – Aquarius
18 – The Moon – Pisces
19 – The Sun – The Sun
20 – Judgement – Pluto – Card of Fire
21 – The World – Saturn – Card of Earth

The Minor Arcana also has astrological correspondences, but that’s for another post. 

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The precession of the equinox. The outermost ring contains the Vedic yugas, the lines in the smaller circles display how many legs of the “Bull of Dharma” are on the ground. The second circle displays the twelve zodiacal constellations. The innermost circle displays the pre-Vedic symbols for each zodiac sign in its fixed position. The upper middle line displays the Clovis comet impact directly coinciding with the autumnal equinox in Aries at 11,500 BC. The bottom center line displays the coincidence of the last autumnal equinox in libra at 498 CE. The upper right line displays the current position of the vernal equinox in Pisces. The bottom left line displays the current position of the autumnal equinox in Virgo during the Dvapara Yuga, 2018.


Circular chart showing a modern set of Talismanic Geomantic Symbols.

The chart informs the Geomancer on the Elemental, Planetary and Zodiacal Correspondences (conforming to Agrippa’s ideas on Planetary Rulership). The upper half shows the Diurnal Figures and the lower half the Nocturnal. The Arabic words in the center of the Circle, “Ilm-al Raml”, translates to the “Science of the Sands”. 

“Geomancy is an Art of Divination, wherby the judgement may be rendred by lot, or Destiny, to every question of every thing whatsoever, but the Art hereof consisteth especially in certain points where of certain figures are deducted according to the reason or rule of equality of inequality, likenesse or unlikenesse,; which Figures are also reduced to the Coelestiall Figures, assuming their natures and proprieties, according to the course and forms of the Signes and Planets.” – Henry Cornelius Agrippa