Protection Circle Methods


I thought I’d post some methods I use for protection circles, for people to learn or just see how others might do it!

To begin, the basic goal of a protection circle is to create a sort of threshold, over which nothing can cross that you don’t allow. To do this, you channel energy to link other specified points of energy together, and form a wall.

(As always, try to cleanse everything that isn’t sealed before working with it!)

Candle Method: Set up any number of candles, so long as you can form a circle with them; I prefer my minimum amount to be five. Take your lighting tool and, starting from the top, light each candle clockwise. Once done, set your tool aside, and begin focusing on the candles.

Start at whichever one you like, then concentrate and visualize extending a band of energy from it to one of the candles beside it, continuing until you feel like the energy band has been established and is solid between them. Keep focusing, keeping that band thoroughly in mind, and repeat with the next candle, going around in a circle until you connect the last band to the first candle.

Now that you have the basis set up, it’s time to really make a shield: imagine the energy raising into a shining wall, solidifying, filling in all gaps to make the circle into a barrier. As you feel like the wall is coming to completion, instruct it with both visualization and instinctive will to repel energy, and not to draw it in.

Once you’re done, and you feel as if the energy has been properly shaped and instructed, you now have a protection circle! Only energy you intend or allow to go through it will be allowed. When you’re done with it, blow the candles out counterclockwise, starting from the top, and focus a bit on releasing and dispersing the remaining energy. (I prefer to do this during my after-spell cleansing.)

Salt Method: Prepare a fair amount of salt for use; you can even use pre-charged salts, such as sun or moonsalt. For this, though, I’ll be assuming the salt is empty and cleansed.
Pour the salt in a circle, preferably with about a fairly-even, half-inch thickness, around the area you want to enclose.

Sit within it, and focus on connecting to the salt as you would a crystal; after all, it basically is! Once you have, charge it, again, just as you would a crystal-but, instead of just leaving the energy in it, start visualizing a shining barrier of light raising from it, similar  to the candle method. Will it to solidify, to have no gaps, and instruct it to repel energy and not draw any in as it starts to finish.

Once you feel as if the wall is solid and properly-coded, you should have a nicely-made protection circle. When done with it, tap back into the salt and channel the energy out of it into the surrounding environment, then gather back up or disperse the salt after cleansing it and whatever remaining energy is left over.

Extra Tips: You can use the candle method with several different things replacing candles; charged clear quartz, granite, obsidian, seashells, or runes for protection arrayed in the same way as candles-and used to make a protection circle by the same method I described-will work just as well! (If using runes, however, make sure that’s the only kind of rune you’re using at the time, or the others might mess with it.)

Similarly, you can use the salt method with any ground-up mineral, or even ground eggshells, if you’re so inclined!

I hope this helps some people, or at least is just interesting; thanks for reading!